December 17, 2014

The Force of Love

Holiday LoveThe Holidays are here and many different faiths and traditions are being celebrated 

In my faith, the Christian faith, we celebrate the infusion of love as God comes down from heaven to inhabit this world.  And in His coming we discover again that we are seen, we are heard and we are loved by the God of the Universe.

As I reflect on this, I realize that this is what we all want – to be seen, heard and loved.  It is basic to our humanness.  It is basic to our relationships.  Let us stop then and evaluate.  Do we feel seen, heard and loved by those closest to us?  If we do, celebrate!  What a gift you have been given.  If you do not feel that from your current relationships, is that something that can be corrected or not.

Likewise, do you see, hear and love such that you truly know how family and friends feel, what they want in life and do you love them by acknowledging those things and supporting them.  This kind of love is powerful.  The love that truly sees and hears others.  It is this love that can transform lives.

Love fully, love deeply.