November 19, 2012

For Those of You Who Aren’t Feeling So Grateful

It’s Thanksgivingand you are not feeling so grateful.  And the pressure is on to give thanks!  You look around and think “What is there to give thanks for anyway?”   Your marriage is disintegrating or your child is desparately ill or you still can’t find a job after two years of searching.  You are aware of the pain and trying to cope in a positive way but the thought of listing the “blessings” in yur life is too much.

Don’t beat yourself up and say you SHOULD be grateful.  You are not and that is OK.  This holiday season, let go.  Let go of trying to always look like you are handling everything.  Let go of how you should be acting or feeling.  Just let go.  And let God. Let your friends.  Let those you don’t really know.  And let them love you.