Changing the Rules in Your Relationship

November 13, 2012 sue 0

Having trouble in your relationship?  It’s not quite meeting your needs?  The first place to look is your family of origin.  How did your family operate? For people who grew up in alcoholic families (or families with dysfunction), typically the unspoken rules of the …

A Note to Moms

November 5, 2012 sue 0

I have three sons and three grandsons. I am a therapist and talk about boundaries and meeting needs with people all day. You would think I would get this. But what I found this past week that with my family I am slipping into old patterns. Patterns like thinking only of what …

It’s Not Just About You

October 29, 2012 sue 0

We all say we know it’s not just about us.  But have you ever found yourself doing this - Hurricane Sandy is just a few hours away from landfall and my 21 year old son lives in Manhatten.  I am naturally a bit worried.  So with everyone talking about Sandy, the quest …

What’s the Best You can Give to Your Family?

October 22, 2012 sue 0

    We all have family and/or friends that we love. And we think alot about what can I give that person? What can I do for that person? And those things are important! No one feels loved by a self-absorbed person. However, the BEST thing you can give your family an …