November 27, 2012

Hats Off to Those With Anxiety

Anxiety can be paralyzing, debilitating, annoying and frustrating for the person who struggles with continual anxiety. Anxiety is a buggger and my  hat goes off to those who get up everyday and do what they need to do all the while struggling to keep the anxiety at bay.  An approach to lowering anxiety needs to be mulit-faceted – looking at medical causes, utilizing therapy and psychiatric help.  But for today, here are two practices that can help.

First, focus on the moment.  Anxious thoughts usually go to the future, worrying about what could happen.  Teach yoourself to focus on the moment.  What is happening right now?  Be aware of what you are doing right now.  Be aware and focused on what you are eating, the project that is right before you, what the other person is saying.  Learning to be focused on the present takes practice but it can be done.  The goal then is that you do not have to feel anxious in the moment.

A second help is breaking down a project or goal into small steps.  Those with anxiety typically get overwhelmed when needing to accomplish a project or goal.The goal feels so big and huge. Try this.  Write down what you want to accomplish.  Now write down the main steps to getting to completion.  Then with each main step, break that down into smaller steps.  Keep the list with you and as you complete each small step, check it off. And then focus on the moment and let yourself be aware of being successful for that moment and happy tht you are moving towards your goal.

To those of you with anxiety, I hope these two practices help.  You are courageous in your fight.